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Delhi (NCR) · Bangalore · Mumbai

Location markerBangalore
26 Nov
Salsa Social Style!
Location markerMumbai
26 Nov
O Pedro - Join Us For Dinner :)
Location markerMumbai
03 Dec
Beautiful Bandra Heritage Walk

Floh is for someone we all know.

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Star World
"See what men at Floh have to say about women, love and commitment."
Open Magazine
"We realised that the best interactions are those that happen over shared experiences—in an informal, fun and safe environment."
"Floh’s members are gainfully employed singles between 25 and 35 who are screened personally by the co-founders."
"But in India, rising economic wherewithal and aspirations of a new generation of women are giving that ancient institution a modern twist."
"Floh makes it to the Forbes List of 5 Startups To Watch Out For In 2014!"
"Floh HT Single in the City Survey."
HT Delhi
"Floh is a platform for singles looking to meet likeminded people in a safe environment. "
Business Today
"Since it came highly recommended, I knew it was something I could trust."

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