A Feast for the Senses

16 June

₹ 1,499.00

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A dining experience that you can cross off your bucket list. Dark Dining is here for a very select few Bangalore members!

Prepare to have your senses heightened at an experience like no other. Floh is taking you on a ‘Dark Dining’ journey at Bangalore’s finest Italian restaurant, Toscano. You will be blindfolded and experience your meal through the senses of smell, sound, touch and taste. Experience this amazing phenomenon with a select group of Floh members at Toscano, Whitefield.

This is an experience not to be missed, so make sure you sign up early to reserve your spot!

Jean Michel Jasserand will take you on a journey of Italian cuisine showcased from the various regions of Italy. Jean Michel is a world-renowned chef, sommelier, restauranteur and now owner and chef of Toscanos restaurant. At this 3-course meal, Floh members will be blindfolded at the start of each course and at the end of the course, the blindfolds will be taken off and will have to guess the dish they’ve just eaten. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options will be provided. Of course, the perfect complement to this meal is a glass of sangria.


Whitefield, Bangalore

Dress Code

Elegant Evening Wear


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