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06 April

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It's going to be a fun evening as you pit your wits and knowledge against other Floh members at a unique book, music, and movie quiz!

One of the best quiz masters in the country, Venkatesh S, is going to conduct this unique quiz. Relax, it’s specifically designed for non-quizzers, so everybody’s going to get a chance to win. This is an ideal way to mix the cerebral with a large dose of fun. The perfect way to meet and interact with new Floh members.

Floh members will be divided into teams and will compete against each other to decide the winners. We’ve some interesting innovations in this quiz where participants get the opportunity to be quizmaster for a round!
This fun event happens at Toit Brew pub. Two beers and plenty of snacks will be served.


Indira Nagar, Bangalore

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