Graffiti Takes Over

29 September

₹ 1,600.00

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Imagine that every time you walked into The Barking Deer, you could proudly tell your friends that you painted the art work on the wall?

That’s exactly what will happen when you sign up for this exclusive Floh event with India’s most prolific graffiti artist, Zake.

First, Zake will give a live demonstration of his style of graffiti on the walls of The Barking Deer. Then, members will be divided into teams and guided by other leading graffiti artists, they will get to create their own graffiti art. The best part is the art remains on the walls of The Barking Deer, and you’ll get to see the results of your effort every time you visit the pub!

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Zake is a pioneer of India’s graffiti scene. A fine arts student, his constant experimentation has created an Indian style of graffiti. The European influences in terms of style are visible, but his work employs Indian scripts, such as Devnagiri.

Gloves and cans of spray paint will be provided. Professionally created sketches will also be available to guide you in your art work. This will be accompanied by two cocktails and plenty of snacks.


Lower Parel, Mumbai

Dress Code

Comfortable casuals. It is unlikely that the paint will get on your clothes, but it is advisable to get a change just in case.


Price includes GST. Payments made are non refundable.

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