When It's Not Working Out

with Floh

When It's Not Working Out
Aug 27, 2017

Sly Granny


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Where is it happening?


Breakups. We’ve all been there. Whether they are mutual or acrimonious, they leave us in a state of flux. What can one do to deal with a breakup in the right manner? What should one do, and equally important, what should one not do? How can one deal with a breakup in a manner that it does not affect his/her daily life?
Join us on Sunday, the 27th of August for a very special and enriching discussion with Ajanta De on this topic and more. Ajanta will share practical ways that people have bounced back from breakups and continue to experience happy, deep and meaningful relationships.
Ajanta De graduated in Psychology, is a professionally trained and certified counsellor. Her interests in human behaviour and emotional wellness led her to embark on a career in counselling.
This event hosted by Floh & The Mind Manifesto Society, promises to enlighten & provoke thinking.

Price includes a mocktail, light refreshments, and a highly interactive discussion. Price is inclusive of taxes.