Let's Roll Sushi

with Floh

Let's Roll Sushi
Oct 29, 2017

Shizusan, Lower Parel


₹ 1,250.00

Payments made are non refundable


Where is it happening?


It’s a rage throughout the world, so much so that there are exclusive Sushi Bars in most cosmopolitan cities. The fresh ingredients, the perfectly cooked rice and the amazing taste. Sushi is quite simply, delicious. But, eating Sushi is one thing, and rolling it is undoubtedly a different experience altogether. So, on Sunday, 29th October, dabble into the art of sushi-rolling with the chefs at Shizusan. From sourcing the right nori, to preparing the ingredients and creating vegetarian and non-vegetarian sushi, we have you covered!

This hands-on sushi making experience, will be followed by a scrumptious spread.

Price includes a hands on sushi-making experience and a scrumptious spread. Inclusive of all taxes.

Have a friend who’s curious about Floh? Bring her or him along. We will add them to the guest list after they pay the event fee by copying and filling this link http://bit.ly/2yaGAkv

IMPORTANT: Your friend has to be single to attend this event. If your friend has been a Floh member, then he/she cannot attend this event.