Prisoner's Dilemma

19 January

₹ 999.00

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Join Floh members for a captivating experience based on Prisoner's Dilemma (classical game theory and economics).

You and a fellow ‘prisoner’ will have the choice to ‘co-operate’ or ‘betray’ the other. Your choices will determine your place on a banquet table where each plate you are served will be based on how well you are playing. It’s a fascinating look into human psychology and a great way to spend an evening socialising with interesting people. A dilemma has never been this fun.

At this highly interactive experience, you will be seated at a banquet table based on a card that you pick. The sumptuous food will be served at one end of the table, and the less sumptuous food at the other end. Before each plate is served, you will be given the opportunity to either co-operate with the person opposite you or to betray them. Each decision will either move you up the table (towards the more sumptuous food) or below. If you play the game right, you should be able to speak to everyone at the table :-)

Two handcrafted beers and plenty of snacks will be served.

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Magrath Road, Bangalore

Dress Code

Black and White. It is Prisoner's Dilemma after all :-)


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