RealTalk - Gender Stereotypes

29 August

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We were taught: Blue is for boys and pink is for girls. And if we don’t follow these stereotypes, then that’s completely unnatural.It’s time to unlearn these gender rules! Floh is delighted to bring to you RealTalk, where this month we will be decoding gender and taking a closer look at the damage such stereotypes create, and why gender-bending must be accepted, celebrated and most importantly, become part of the mainstream. Amongst the discussion leaders is also a fellow Floh member Raksha (Journalist) along with Ram Sinha (Activist & Blogger) and Joshuya Muyiwa (Poet & Writer)

About RealTalk
RealTalk was born out of a strong desire to create a safe platform for authentic experiences and opinions on topics that are thought-provoking and relevant to the times we live in. Conceived by Interviewing India, Third Wave Coffee Roasters and Floh, our aim is to bring community members together by collectively sharing real stories and life experiences.

Organised as a series of monthly talk sessions, RealTalk has earned a name for itself for providing a non-judgemental space to open up without any inhibitions. At RealTalk, the exchange of stories, ideas and thought-provoking conversations take top-most priority. Its a space for the community by the community :).


Third Wave Coffee Roasters, Koramangala, Bangalore

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