The Debate About Cinema - Art or Entertainment?

with Floh

The Debate About Cinema - Art or Entertainment?
May 28, 2017

PCO, Vasant Vihar

Delhi (NCR)

₹ 750.00

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Where is it happening?

Delhi (NCR)

Do you think films should reflect reality and be thought provoking or be only fun and entertaining? Want to meet other Floh members who are as passionate about movies as you are? Well, let’s have a debate!

One side of the House believes that films have the deepest influence on society and so their premise should be only to guide positive human behaviour and not about pure entertainment, fantasy or crime. The other side believes that without entertainment, there is no life!
So, come make your point, share an opinion or two, or just play witness and enjoy the battle of wits on Sunday, 28th May at PCO, Vasant Vihar.

Includes the cost of an exciting and engaging debate and plenty of snacks. Inclusive of all taxes.