The Red Carpet

with Floh

The Red Carpet
Aug 26, 2017

BBC, JW Marriott Hotel


₹ 1,099.00

Payments made are non refundable


Where is it happening?


It’s a fabulous Oscar party on Saturday, 26th August! Everybody is feeling privileged to be on the guest list and having the time of their life. But this party is like no other, someone is murdered and all the guests are prime suspects. 

You could be the winning actor or director, a wannabe star who managed to get an invite or even a rock star! So get into the character and give your imagination wings when you enact these roles while you find the murderer.

Come! Join fellow Floh members who managed to get the invite to this exclusive party and solve this riveting mystery like a star. 

Price includes the cost of an entertaining murder mystery game with fun party props and plenty of snacks! Drinks will be pay for what you consume. Inclusive of all taxes.