The Ultimate Frisbee Challenge!

with Floh

The Ultimate Frisbee Challenge!
Jul 30, 2017

Cubbon Park


₹ 750.00

Payments made are non refundable


Where is it happening?


It’s the time of the year when the fabulous weather must be made use of! Join Floh members to play a frolicking game of Ultimate Frisbee on Sunday, 30th July at Cubbon Park. All that running around will surely work up an appetite, so we will grab breakfast at a place nearby after the game. It is going to be a guaranteed hoot of a morning!

Ultimate Frisbee is a game where all you need is a frisbee, a playing field and a bunch of fun people :). Two teams are formed and the frisbee needs to be thrown and ultimately caught in the opposing team’s endzone. Main rule: no running with the disc. It is a game that involves quick reflexes and a ‘great spirit’. It is going to be a morning full of laughter and energy. And not to forget, a chance to interact with Floh members, outdoors!

Price includes cost of an exciting frisbee game and breakfast. Inclusive of all taxes.