Floh is a member-only community for singles connecting you with them in the real world and online. As a member of Floh, you get access to exclusive events we host in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Our communities and events help drive conversations and build meaningful relationships.

You can become a part of Floh’s exclusive singles community in three easy steps:

1) Register and get verified by our screening team
2) Select a membership plan and signup for it
3) Get invited to members-only events and start mingling.

Floh is currently actively conducting its events for members in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore. We have members from other cities who use our online platform for engagement and attend events when they visit these three cities.

We will be expanding to other cities soon.

Floh has various membership plans. Details are here . Floh event tickets prices vary depending on the nature of the event and have to be purchased separately from the membership. To foster a spirit of inclusiveness, Floh has a special pricing plan for members who work in academia, NGOs, armed forces, and education. Write to us at team@floh.in if you work in one of these sectors.

Floh was founded in 2011. We have over 5000 members and have hosted over 800 events so far. Floh was voted by Forbes Magazine as a Top 5 Startup. We’re just getting started :)

Floh experiences are highly interactive, fun, and tastefully organized. They are hosted at distinctive venues in your city. At a Floh event, you will roll sushi with the country’s top chefs and elevate your experience far beyond the casual diner’s. Share tips from your backpacking trip with others and plan your next trip together. Debate the plot of Nolan’s Inception with other cinephiles and open your mind to new perspectives. Whether you’ve already got a passion or just getting started, you’re sure to find both, the experiences to keep you deeply engaged, as well as a community of eclectic people to experience them with.

Floh attracts members who are multi-faceted individuals. They’re intelligent, gracious, and share a zest for getting the most out of life. Their innate curiosity has led them to a diverse set of experiences and they always have a lot of stories to share. Floh members have taken trips together. They meet regularly through book clubs they have formed or go rock climbing after they discovered a common passion. They love to discover the latest restaurants and pubs in the city, visit museums and attend shows. Their collaborative nature has also led to members co-founding companies together. At Floh you have a set of people whose company you trust and enjoy, leading you to experiences that would not otherwise have happened. Floh is your real-world ecosystem of extended friends and family.

EMIs (equated monthly installments) are a way for you to pay for your Floh Membership using monthly payments through your credit card.

We support Credit Cards issued by ICICI Bank, Citibank and Axis Bank.

Your tenure options are the same as your membership plan’s tenure or lesser. For example, if you select a 6 month, plan, you will be able to avail a 3 or a 6 month tenure.

No, Floh does not have any monthly plans. Using the EMI plan means that you take financing from your credit card to pay upfront, and then the credit card allows you to repay that amount in equated monthly installments based on the interest rate offered.

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