House Rules

Over the last 8 years, Simran and I have thoroughly enjoyed building the Floh community. This journey has been possible because the network consists of people like you who are genuine, accomplished, and gracious. As the community grows, we felt that it would be appropriate for us to list the House Rules that the network operates under. Do take a moment to read them.

Enjoy responsibly. Many of our events and venues have alcohol on the menu. We have zero tolerance for behaviour that makes other members uncomfortable.

Please be on time. It is courteous and since we start our events with an introduction, it will certainly enhance your ability to meet new people at Floh.

You’re welcome to ask other members out. However, once a person says no, please accept it gracefully and move on.

We’re not obsessive about caste, race, or religion at Floh. So please refrain from making any comments, however flippant they may seem to you, about any other individual’s background. Floh is very inclusive and we would like to remain that way.

While we appreciate the initiative taken by our members to communicate via different channels with the Floh community we want you to know that Floh does not have an official WhatsApp group. The most effective way to communicate with members is through the Floh app available on iOS and Android. Unofficial groups are not moderated by Floh, please exercise your judgement before joining them. Even in an unofficial group, please be respectful towards other members and follow an appropriate code of conduct.

If a member ever makes you feel uncomfortable even on an unofficial channel, please report them to Floh immediately. Rest assured, your communication will be confidential and strict action will be taken.

At Floh, you are under no obligation to share your phone number with anyone you do not wish to share it with.

And last but not the least, if you lose your single status and get into a relationship please drop us note to either freeze or deactivate your membership. We host regular events for Floh Alums too and will be happy to add you to that list :)

These House Rules are what have made Floh safe and comfortable for all our members. In addition to great friendships, over 3,500 members have found a life partner at Floh.

We’re grateful to you for helping us build a unique community. If you experience an uncomfortable situation with anyone in our network, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Simran or myself. Simran can be reached at +91 9845122433, and I can be reached at +91 9986551212.

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