The 2017 Single – What’s Holding Us Back?

This post, by Simran Mangharam, co-founder of, a network that connects singles in real life, first appeared on the Single In The City Blog. Fifty years ago, Indian society functioned in a predictable manner. It was understood that men had to earn a living and women had to look after the homes. The number

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! (You’ll always know best)

This post was written by Sushmita Sundaram, a member of the Floh Network. Remember when you were a kid and Mother’s Day meant handmade cards, sloppily made breakfasts, and your Dad scrambling last minute to ensure a huge bouquet of her favourite flowers was delivered that very morning? If you asked your mom right now,

Office Romance Etiquette

This post by Floh co-founder Simran Mangharam first appeared in Deccan Herald. We spend quite a large part of our time at work. Indians clock 8.1 hours (486 minutes) on an average, according to a survey by the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development, an international grouping of the world’s top developed nations. Attraction at

Loving Her, Loving Yourself

This post was written by a Floh member that wishes to remain anonymous. There’s much written about the happily-ever-afters, but maybe they are no longer the reality of our times. Our times are of the not-so-happily-never-afters. The never ending distracted chats, the bad dates and the odd stereotypical questions over and over again. However, a

#WednesdayWoes – Matrimonial Ads And Their Otherworldly Demands

Turns out that 99.99% percent scores aren’t only required for admissions to top colleges in India. If you look at the matrimonial section of any newspaper you will see a similar trend amongst the requirements posted. Men (or well, their families) are looking for a gorgeous, intelligent, well-educated-but-chooses-to-stay-at-home-and-look-after-the-kids type of wife. Whereas the women? They

#WednesdayWoes – The ‘L’ Word by Mira

Dear Members of the Dating Community, I’d like to talk about the ‘L’ word today. Yes, the dreaded, feared, yet coveted and elusive word – “love.” In our 21st century dating lives, much of our initial communication is over text and social media, and thus, there are a few scenarios that commonly arise that spell