7 Reasons Not To Marry An Indian Woman

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In a country of 1.2 billion people and with 48.2% of them being women, we know better than to generalise. But, Indian women are absolutely exceptional, and we’ve listed the top 7 reasons for you not to marry an Indian Woman. Even if you happen to be an Single Indian man.

1) She’s gorgeous. Yes, we’ve said it. With her kajal and dusky skin and gorgeous hair, it is hard not to get distracted. And, she’s going to be better looking than you. Just saying.

2) She’s too colourful. And by that, we don’t mean that she loves Holi or that she just likes colour in her life. She LOVES colour in her life. With everything that she does, her life will never stop being colourful. In the clothes she wears, in the way she does up her home, and in the way she lives her life.

3) She loves her family. You marry an educated Indian woman, you marry her family. And, while tradition dictates that she leaves her house when she marries you, she’s not really left them behind. Her family is her life.

4) She’s probably stronger than you. We don’t mean that in the physical sense, although, of course, there may be some women stronger than you. But, when you’ve spent almost every hour of your life fighting against a male chauvinistic society; when from the moment you step out of your house, you’re fighting a battle; you’re battling eve teasers, creeps in public transport, men who think you’re a horrible driver just because you’re a woman and much more; when you battle all of these every day, you’re going to emerge a strong person. One that is definitely stronger and braver than you.

5) She’s independent. The modern Indian woman is more educated and well travelled and well read than her peer from perhaps 30 years ago. You were probably expecting a submissive Indian lady who has no other interest than to stay at home and cook and clean for you.

6) She’s busy building a career.

7) She’s passionate. Having grown up on a daily diet of Indian dramas, you’ll find that she’s passionate beyond a daily recommended dose.

reasons not to marry an indian woman

So, there you have it. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you. If you have any more reasons why you shouldn’t marry an Indian woman, we’d love to hear it in the comments below!

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  • Later

    Why are most of men here talking shi* about Indian or any women?
    when it comes to dating or marrying a female in any country, no male look for the qualities mentioned above, everyone want to marry a beautiful women, nothing else counts. and such people come to websites like this to talk what they can’t talk in front of their beautiful wives. but womens always look for their security, love/care, and loyalty as primary requirements, most of the women don’t go with his looks. thats why people say “way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” or d**k head now a days, no man use his brain to choose a woman.

    and for people who don’t like Indian women, can marry women from different country, nobody is forcing anyone to marry a women from particular race or country. men please! at least be honest to yourself.

    I am a beautiful Indian female(just turned 27) from rich family background ,engineering graduate, currently proudly Serving In military (US navy), Moved to US because people humiliated me for my skin condition(vitiligo). I thank them very much,just because of them i am capable enough to buy a house and a car on my own.
    So excited to see my all proud family in India after almost 2 years in US, and way more excited to see the reaction of those people who stopped talking to me after I got this skin condition.

    • WestIndiesIndian

      Vitiligo is just a visible but not harmful condition at all. Perfect minds will see it as just another feature of the person. I was in love w/ a woman who was beautiful with or without it, be she wouldn’t believe me… :(

    • sumanth

      hello madam,

      you are not respecting your opposite gender.
      What the rubbish you said about mans heart. you dont know how it feels to be a man and we dont know how it feels to be a woman

      do woman really dont like mans beauty. you are saying men prefer only beauty as if god has given beauty only to woman.

      woman prefer security because they are afraid. like woman man also need love and care. we are also humans. we need love and care like you. but you dont understand us

  • Being Human

    Wow. I never quite join conversations and discussions online but I have to say some people’s views in this post intrigued me enough to comply. I have to say anyone with a positive outlook and a sense of humour would never be able to dissect this article into negative pieces like many Indian/ women haters have pointed out here. Its a simple article trying to make someone feel good. Its NOT saying MEN are horrible and neither is it saying that all other races are disgusting and non-marriable. All its saying is that Indian women can be gorgeous and worth a chance PERIOD. How the hell did you come up with your hypothetical conclusions. Takes a racist to spot one I feel. A glass half full person who likes to make others feel good and have compassion would have had a little chuckle and enjoyed it. But then there comes other Indian men (I have to say this cos its very obvious from your names) and other people who come in and completely berate this article. Obviously you either have anger issues, too much negativity in you or are extremely in secure in your own selves to be able to go to this extent. I guess its harsh that I say above but sometimes its important. I specially want to say something to the Indian men who took the liberty of writing so many horrible things about Indian women here. Firstly, you pride on yourself being an Indian and dont even know how to defend your own race? Perhaps start with standing up for your women or even learn to respect them. Secondly, you are well clothed, dressed, fed, even have your undies washed by your own mothers till you hand over those responsibilities to your wives and you have the guts to call an Indian woman not being independent? I dont think you are in ANY position to speak. Now I am generalising yes… only cos YOU did as well. Now, before you speak about Indian women also consider these mothers who raised you and have pretty much spoon fed you till your wives then come in and do everything for you… remember that your mother is an Indian woman too. learn to respect other women and forget women or men or black or white – learn to respect others.

  • babboo

    Woman is a b’ful creature created by the Super Mighty n needs to be respected, beyond racism, colour, or looking at them region wise. be it Indian or Non-Indian, all women r sensitive and each one has got their own characteristic. Its nothing but few people’s own perception and bad experience they may had faced, without realising self-conducts too including male ego that has led this article to come up. A woman needs to be respected coz of just one natural gift, apart from other qualities she got, n that is giving birth to Humanity, and no Indian Woman escapes from this responsibility n follows this Natural Rule, followed by its maintenance, through out her life diligently.

    • V Ramamurthy

      Giving birth to children. Don’t tell me that capacity belongs only to Indian women!

  • Gavin Methalaka

    These are all the reasons to marry an Indian Women.

  • swathi

    Whoever you are, you definitely don’t deserve an indian wife. They are way too precious to be wasted on jerks like you. Please note that indian women take education loans, stand shoulder to shoulder with their spouses and contribute equally to the household expenses, home loans, etc. May I please know which generation do you belong to? Or rather should I just say more than it it is the dumb sucking job your parents have done of raising you! May they and all such parents rot…

    • TruthTeller

      What is the use.most of the Indian girl looks ugly. But most Indian guys rationalize and comprise on looks for degrees dowries. And curb their natural instincts selling out to marry these Indian girls. Degrees and dowries don’t make a sexually active fun marriage or relationship.

    • Sb

      Nicely said I like

  • mayank5790

    You mate, are STUPID. Did I mention racist, foolish, ignorant and idiot? NO? Well now you know.

    • PRINCE

      I don’t think he said anything wrong at all. Why are you so butthurt?

  • Neena

    wow. amazing. u truly see it like it is! and not scared to say it. lets accept it, VERY VERY FEW Indian women are what the blog claims. and i’m not saying its their fault. its just the way our culture is. i’m a woman and i see it EVERYDAY, in every strata of society !!! sorry to burst your bubble ladies!

  • Kaur Jagdeep

    :) so sweet…

    • rika shin

      are u from india . hi my name is rika. im half india and half korean . my dad is from south korea and my mom is from india . i am half. we lives in korea . but our korean men they get marrys lots of india woman asa bride. and they never get divorced or fight . they have children live togehter for so long. i think that is romantic. so as my parents.

  • vexx

    except most of these are untrue.

  • Awesome

    BS! I will write the real reasons:
    - She is too emotional
    -She manipulates you very subtly
    -Her relatives would suppress you
    -You are committed for life
    -Divorce would leave you with nothing
    -They get fat very soon
    -They don’t workout and don’t take care of body
    -Act weak when they need privilege and speak of rights otherwise
    -Insists equal partnership in kitchen like modern family, never pays a cent for cost
    -Large group of brainwashing females
    -Want to be pregnant from first night

    • Sharmee

      You sound like a typical MCP… with preconceived notions about a woman or a family… DO NOT GENERALIZW

    • coolnickname

      Awesome ur correct !

    • Matrix

      This is the purest comment I have seen on internet. No offense to Indian women but this is so true.

    • amar yadav

      AND they cry in a discussion whenever they feel defeated

    • jack night

      Add these:
      - Don’t shave
      - It is almost impossible to approach them
      - They are rude
      - Watches saas bahi serials
      - False dowry allegations

  • amen

    very biased point of view

  • Nish

    Dear Doc. were u left at the altar? how many daughters have u raised?
    did ur girlfriend dump u coz of ur f***-thatic thoughts? did ur mother
    leave u, seeing what a shit she has given birth to? did u r wife divorce
    u and never let ur kid see an ASS, she got a “by chance” sperm from?

  • Pr007

    Thanksssss for this biased article.. Now I got the real reasons that not marrying a Indian woman by reading the comments down below :)

    • Velocet 8

      Hahaha, EXACTLY!

  • Zabir

    Indian Culture ruins my interest when some people talk to me about it. And I Don’t really like Indian Culture and Tradition.

    • Alia

      Lol ur an idiot i was once a strong islamic but one trip to india changed my life i became so attached to their hospitality i left my stupid muslim family and converted to hinduism now im 19 and happily living with a beautiful indian family and i never want to speak to my family again i changed my name and trust me zabir or whatever the f ur name is ur the stupidest jealous lil shit i have ever seen

      • Zabir

        I’m still an islam but I Love Japanese Culture, I Don’t care if you convert to another religion as long as I have nothing to deal with you. For me I always love my family no matter who they are.

      • Abhinav Chaudhary

        Good for you, dont speak for the general population

      • Abhi

        Brave move it was Alia. I appreciate the step you have taken in your life. Still you should not call your family stupid in public. Family is very important aspect of everyone’s life. All the best for your future

      • suniel

        Hey Alia

  • C.J. Sledgehammer

    To say that men are equal to women is to assume apples are equal to bananas. What you have are two completely different fruits with very unique abilities. Both fruits should admire each other’s uniqueness and seek to live in harmony. It takes both apples and bananas to make a delicious fruit salad…and that’s what we all should be striving for. :0)

  • C.J. Sledgehammer

    I was in love with a beautiful Indian woman at one time. She did what was right by her family and married into wealth, leaving me with a broken heart. Perhaps it’s just my lying eyes, but I thought she was the most graceful, elegant, and delightful creature I have ever known. Not a day goes by that I don’t mourn my loss. Too bad pedigrees, status, profession, and wealth take precedent over true love. We would have been truly happy together.

  • aparnaapz09

    Indian culture is one of the best civilizations in the world . Please try to understand a women’s mindset before judging her. I find all the so calld facts in this article absurd. Try meeting a real indian and then start blabbering about their negatives.

    • Drake Angus Miller

      I’m Dr.Sterlin Drake’s uncle…you are dead wrong miss…. i’m a pschycologist….all that shy,culture and parent parts are correct…but this is new era…so many years of women suppression has came to an end …now its their turn ….so now they r really pissed and more aware than before about a guys approach… Drake had a Girl friend who cheated on him over a prick…. shit happens and from my experience…. they were great once before independence now twisted and cheating mind. according to survey 71.99%(approx) females 18 or above are turning their mind that way so that they can fight back and defend…Life aint fair my friend…so yeah those girls have gone bad…. cause of past matters.If u r lucky then you might end up with 28.01% good gals but then socio-cultural and parental role comes into the play……trust me Indian girls aren’t worth it anymore… Besides they’re too fat,dark skin,oily and overprotective.

    • suniel

      Hi Aparna

  • Rohit

    Dear friends, first of all I would like to say a practical thing that, no one is good or bad. Everywhere, in every culture you will find both types. So a culture shouldn’t be maligned or judge by some person’s act. But its true that, our Indian girl is little introvert but once they befriend with you they can be a good friend of you. I got pain in love but still I believe that everyone can’t be bad. So just try to find out them.

    • Adi

      Totally Agreed Rohit

  • Lori

    Excuse me? Of course you just generalised! I was born and brought up in India. And I’m nothing like what you just described…in fact, I’m looking for a ‘guy who can let go of his family once he gets a girl!’ I’m on a healthy. ‘no-junk’ diet and I hit the gym and work out every day. Of course, I’m passionate about building a career and am independent. That doesnt mean I ain’t capable of having a healthy relationship. I’m not that colourful! I don’t like the Indian culture. I sure as hell do not smear myself with mehndi(the black paste in the picture you put up)! Kindly do better research next time. Oh and thanks. Yes we are gorgeous.

    • Kalu Ayi

      I have always loved the Indians, although I have never been there before. I’m a Nigerian and reside in Nigeria too. I would really love to date an Indian. Hook me up on Facebook: Kalu Ayi.

    • Abhinav Chaudhary

      This article talks about general population of Indian women,not every girl is like you. No offence

    • Vin

      I agree with you. It’s how you see yourself and live your own life.

  • Sandy

    all this seems like why you SHOULD marry an Indian woman (except the last point which really, isnt that big of a deal)

    • Velocet 8

      Congratulations, you got the rather obvious facetious nature of this post! You should feel proud that you were able to suss out the intended nature of this writing. With a wit like yours you might even find something funny in a comic strip!

  • Amar yadav

    Moreover girls in certain cities prefer their husbands to have Audi’s an I Phones rather than a Brain and some Sense, so please Guys BEWARE.

    • Gaurav Sharma

      Yeah, I have seen Indian city girls bootlick ill-mannered rich guys (age no bar) while scorn at you for being sensible and manner-full.

  • chacko

    today girls are looking on richness or wealth of the men for marriage

  • Emda

    Guys and Gals! Calm the f down! This dealership of marriage is extremely old, as old as our human race on this planet. So, why are all of you bent on ranting on something so old.
    There is no need to be stuck with such an old ‘Human Invention’
    Just let go. No one is forcing anyone to marry, if you’re forced then face it. If you’re not forced then let it be. Live your life ‘calmly’

    • DyiNg EmoZz

      great thinking
      i love the way you talk. . .
      so simple life. . .

  • tjj

    You mean she has a black pussy, and smells like onions.

  • Velocet 8

    The real reason not to marry an Indian woman is that most of them think they have a very clever sense of humor but don’t “get it” when other people make actually clever jokes. For examples of this, see all the comments below by Indian women who did not get that this article was sarcastic…

  • Thabza

    They are too controlling !!!! And very insecure

  • Drake Angus Miller

    I’m Dr.Sterlin Drake’s uncle..
    …. i’m a pschycologist….all that shy,culture and parent parts are correct…but this is new era…so many years of women suppression has came to an end …now its their turn ….so now they r really pissed and more aware than before about a guys approach… Drake had a Girl friend who cheated on him over a prick…. shit happens and from my experience…. they were great once before independence now twisted and cheating mind. according to survey 71.99%(approx) females 18 or above are turning their mind that way so that they can fight back and defend…Life aint fair my friend…so yeah those girls have gone bad…. cause of past matters.If u r lucky then you might end up with 28.01% good gals but then socio-cultural and parental role comes into the play……trust me Indian girls aren’t worth it anymore… Besides they’re too fat,dark skin,oily and overprotective.

    • Suraj Sarma

      I think its only fair to call you a bastard lol you drake fucking third rated psychologist. never go full retard bru

  • DyiNg EmoZz

    why people marry??

    • Amit Kumar

      To give birth to people like you assh0le.

      • bondkkp

        Marriage is not a pre-requisite to get pregnant

  • Amit Kumar

    Whatever but i’ll marry an indian.

  • ads

    all i have to say indian are bit*&ches

  • shivani

    And why would you not want to date an independent, strong, gorgeous and loving woman?

    • suniel

      Hey shivani

    • Suraj Sarma

      yeah why not? I’m an Indian and I find this post disgusting. I’m totally with you shivani .

  • A.J.Babu

    Atleast in India, Italy, Israel ,japan and some more countries where family
    values are very strong, marraige is must for dignified living in the society.
    If we do not marry, we will be like beasts. Marriage means responsibility and

  • vetiarvind

    I can give you 7 reasons to not marry any woman:
    1) They’re deceptive.
    2) Lying is the same as talking.
    3) They’re more self-centered than anyone reading this.
    4) You’re just a replaceable tool to fit her needs for security and ego validation
    5) Beauty is just skin deep.
    6) Women hate women for a reason. They know themselves.
    7) That one girl you think is the exception, really isn’t.

    The only reason you should ever get married is if you want children and raise a family. In which case, you’d still want to keep the above points in mind. So guys, go for a really traditional family oriented girl. I’ve been with enough “strong”, “independent”, “modern” women to know what I’m talking about.

    • kelleth

      And calling rape at the drop of a hat don’t forget that.

    • Priyank


  • Varun Kapoor

    Indian women are the worst. They are after your money. Years of domination by men have ingrained the worst qualities in Indian women. They are the worst of mankind. Shame on Indian women

    • sai

      U r not the person who r going to judge about Indian women…please don’t split ur words like that on others without k owing anything about them..good and bad always exist by seeing some bad can’t estimate that everything is wrong

  • sas

    You left the nagging part and the constant unreasonable demands part and also the phenomenon of getting miffed at the silliest things and this thing about strong independent women the moment they achieve something they act as if they are a queen and behave as if they are acheivers and all men are male chauvinistic pigs never realising that their fathers brothers and sons are also .Guys always work hard and stay many miles ahead of these women for they respect and respond only to power and money love and feelings go out of the window for these carrer oriented women

  • Doorva

    For those whoe are Indian guy and commented bad about Indian girls, shame on you. When you are generalizing things and saying ill about India women, then you are saying ill about your mother, who perhaps treated you like prince from the first day you born; and your sisters who treated you in the best ways possible. And those who are not India and said ill, a little advice for you, before judging first know the culture people society and challennges faced. I have just 10 points to say:

    1) Don’t guys do the nagging? Nagging is a human nature, not women’s. Moreover, yes ladies specially India ladies have a habit of nagging and getting miffed at the silliest things a little more, because they can’t and don’t complain whenever or where ever they want. They most of the times feel that this is is not the correct place to complain, but the complain that they had to do, remails inside them and they do the nagging thing to let you know that they don’t like cretain thing about you. If you don’t want this nagging thing, win confidence of your girl that she can say you anything anywhere on the spot she felt bad.

    2) If you say that they are after your money or they are materialistic or they just don’t see emotins, tell me a thing: When you think of a girl as a girlfriend or marriage what do you think?

    Let me guess…
    => A fair complexion girl
    => Atleast 5.2″ 5.3″ if you are in India (Its the common and standard hieght of girls in india and acceptd for marriage purpose.)
    => Beautiful.. obviously
    => Figure must be same as top bollywoog or hollywoog heroine
    And guess what……
    These things don’t make you people materialistic, because boss this is about standard.. If you want to have a sexy girlfriend on back seat of your bike or a beautiful wife, why don’t have girls a choice to select a guy with audi or iPhone? Its their choice, not all girls are like that, but my question is what is wrong if girls are looking on richness or wealth of the men for marriage?
    And yes one more thing to mention: If a guy have an Audi or an I Phone, and if he built it by himself, he surely will have brain and some Sense.

    3) Yes an India women is emotional, what is wrong in that? She is emotional thats why you India guys enjoyed your life like prince ang king, and in general, before she manipulates you, she manipulates herself for everything to get adjusted.

    4) They cry in a discussion whenever they feel defeated, and you shout and break things whenever you feel defeated. who is worse?

    5) Cosmetic industry is booming in India or fairness creams are all the rage because when it comes to arrange marriage still the dumb Indian guys can’t take a stand on selecting a girl on her education basis, they and their family will select a girl by photo and then the process goes further, so for a girl if you have to marry doesn’t matter you are a master’s degree holder or a PHd you have to look beautiful to get selected in first round.
    And for weight loss programs on one side you say why they don’t loose weight and on other side you have problems with a weight loss program… Boss be clear in yourself first.

    6) If you ask what an India women bring to table ask youself:
    How much you work in kitchen or to take care of a baby or to keep home and interiors up to date?
    These thing are job of ladies because you have seen you mother or grandmother doing the same thing, and then you expect today’s women to do all that and work outside 9X5 or 9X6 in office.

    Ask yourself how many of you cook a lunch or dinner while your India wife is sitting in front of TV watching some serial or an old India movie she love? And the recall the days you watching matches of a cricket series without failure with your friends and you received snacks, tea, coffee, lunch, dinner right in front of you, and without asking.
    Aftyer 5 or 6 working day she is busy in kitchen to make something special for you and your friend, and you can’t help her in kitchen after a 9 hours of working she coompleted.

    7) Agian on bringing something to table, what do you think she do with the money she bring? Invest on her? How much? Invest on children or your gifts or to decore the home? Is she doing it for herself only? If she gifts something to her friend or family shouldn’t she? Don’t you do the same?
    And about paying out in public.. Most of you Indian boyfriends and husbands themself don’t want to pay her in public. And she also don’t like paying in public, coz she want his better half to feel superior outside home.If you expect her to pay in public, tell her that you feel good when she pays… Next time she will definitely.

    8) If any of you guys have child and have a working wife, recall a single day:
    => Your wife went out with her friends and you took care of baby?
    => You took a leave from when your child was sick?
    => You skipped a business or office meetings to be part of parent teacher meeting of your child?
    Why all these things are inherited as Women’s responsibility?

    9) You modern looking guys want an India women who:
    => brings money
    => is self dependent
    => can drive
    => have her own identity, to be writer or blogger or something

    But at the same time you
    => Don’t like when she wants a equal partnership in managing and investing money (you want her to bring money, give you and you manage it. Why?)
    => Don’t want her to take charge or decision on which TV or fridge or washing machine you should bring home, even in the case when she would be one dealing with those stuffs more that you.
    => Will not allow her to drive when she is with you. You will feel bad if you goes to a party and your friend will see her driveing instead of you. You will be a laughing stock because all you guys think the same way.
    => Will never like to be known as husband of your wife.
    Befor judging them judge you.

    10) In the last point, if you hooked up with the girl who was not of your type, its your fault. Don’t balme all the girls around, don’t generalize it. I don’t say all of them are good, but if they are bad and you know it why you get involve.

    So its not about men or women India or Non-India, just give some sense befor you think or say something. Don’t abuse your own mother or sister.

    Enjoy life.. Have a good wife/husband. India or non-india, its your choice.. :)

  • Bapan Das


  • mohamed

    actually i`m sorry for these unthoughtful cowards posted these 7 fake reasons. i`m not an indian man. i can say indian women are the best women in the world when it comes to life partner but they dont have good men who can take care of them.i love them i will keep loving them.

    • Harry Epo

      Indian here! Yeah Indian girls are gorgeous but I’m from the very few who found the legit gorgeous loving and caring girl! Yes it’s true that she is possessive forces u to work hard, make a name and all she does this because she wants to have a beautiful life with u and she is already worried about us after marriage even though we both are around 20. Men don’t really care for all these but do it for the angel who loves u more than herself and to whome u mean more than her world! She deserves it. It’s been 3 years wee been in relationship. Good luck mates! Find the right girl and u will never stop loving her

  • Damnthisarticleisgarbage.

    This is such shit. LOL

  • gaurav kumar

    great article.well done.

  • strawberry blonde scottish

    I think indian woman woman are good, gorgeous, nice, I have learn anything from indian woman, their feminity, no all woman is perfect, but men especially indian men never satisfied and never enough for everything from women, I dont understand what men want

  • Sanah

    Women expect to understand their feelings and emotions..but men of India won’t care women feelings they forget that women also has heart and brain….she can also feels pain….she can also cry..respect women if u can’t love them..

  • Suraj Sarma

    priyank you are doing the very same thing and even more worse, you are bitching about them . atleast mohmed was kind with words

  • Suraj Sarma

    priyank should be admitted at the kilpauk mental hospital at once.

  • shivprakash meena

    hii my name is shivprakash meena and i love very much with my gf sapna patidar and her love me very much her real dob is 31january 1996 but her document dob is the 20oct 1999 its big problem and her family want marriage with another person the date is decide is march 2016 and me and my gf want stop her marraige plz suggestion plz and her family do physically and mently torchure plz help me sir

  • Vin

    We need to be careful when making assumptions I have personally met so many lasting relationship. It might have been unfortunate for others. But here we go.

  • Vin

    I agree with you but you can’t teach or change someone if he was brought up that way

  • guest

    if u want beautiful and tall girl for marriage go to ukrain or romania.

  • Yashaswi Pruthi

    Its bull Shit…
    I think Indian Girls are best for marriage…
    Nd d one who thinks they aren’t is d biggest idiot in dis universe :-P

    • Urwrong

      old school indian ladies r not avail. in market may be 1 in 1000000 if u r lucky bastar… never ever marry indian girl big time cheater big time greedy no sense about sex bring their family garbage with themselves total waste indian girls BS

    • Urwrong

      Most indian girls and their family they r greedy wants to marry their daughters to NRI’s basically its a trade encouraged by indian girls and their parents look at the divorce rate in india indian girls again no sense of sex total greedy no respect for inlaws bring garbage of their own family to in laws house well educated but fails to be successful wife its a fact divorce rates tells it all look at shadi & other online websites u will see

      • L Radhakrishna Rao

        Not just that. The article is making false claim about the looks and features. Indian girl lack graceful or royal appearance, and rather looks like commoners. Infact both Indian males and females don’t have any majestic features. Long skulls, sharp nose, high torso or forehead, and talk and proportionate body. It is not about skin color. That’s get changed due to external factors

    • bunny

      it depends on the woman, but on an average indian women care there famlies more than western or east asian women. but that’s only on an average because every woman has her own nature

  • Yashaswi Pruthi

    Proud To Be An Indian…

  • rika shin

    hi my name is Rika im half indian and half korean. my mom is from india and my dad is from south korea. so im half indian and half korea. this web site got a wrong idea perhaps. my mom and dad they are the world roamnrtic couple . they neevr got in to a fight they are always true to their feelings they are really romantic couple. rightbnow we live in south korea. but main thing for sure in my cosuntry . lots of korean man marries indian bride get marries and have children and live together. for so long. they are always happy.

    • Urwrong

      i m indian looking for bride these indian girls r greedy & selfish this articles nails it never ever marry indian girls old school indian ladies r not avail. in market may be 1 in 1000000 if u r lucky bastar… never ever marry indian girl big time cheater big time greedy no sense about sex bring their family garbage with themselves total waste indian girls BS

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  • TruthTeller

    One of the biggest ironies of God’s creation and cruel joke are Indian girls and culture. Our culture discourages free expression of intimacy our women are naturally boring in bed don’t take care of their looks and thanks to arranged marriages even ugly girls get to have children. The same applies to our India guys too. So we end up with ugly unattractive goblin people in India. But we are good in IT and money.

  • TruthTeller

    He might be a mangina. These are the guys in a brotherhood who will stab their brother just to get some from women.

  • TruthTeller

    You are not a feminist. But maybe a backstabbing mangina. Women respect men not yes maams.

  • Leothelion123

    Indian women are the worst and the same can be said about the one sided anti men laws in the nation. They wear heavy makeup to look gorgeous and their dads are absolute blood suckers eyeing the son in laws money and misusing the idiotic Indian laws in any extent to extort.

    interesting point is dowry is banned by law in India but a guy has to show his payslip and income statement before getting married.

  • Devendar

    Indian women is not same like before. Now the use law to harassed their husband’s by one sided law in India. Guys avoid to marry an Indian women until law get gender neutral.

  • Reality

    American women are a real total disaster to marry since they are so very Selfish, Greedy, and very Power Money Hungry do to their Careers which made them that way Unfortunately since they will Only want the Best and will Never settle for Less. This is why many of us Good men are still Single today because of this which i am sure that Indian women would be just as bad too.

  • S B

    Lol. Writer smartly chose the title to allure readers. All the point about Indian girls are bang on and all of them are perfect reasons why anyone would love to marry Indian girl. Well said admin…

  • SunshineSunshineSunshine

    fucking feminists

  • Vikas Pahuja

    things :1 95 percent Indian girls are not beautiful wheatish skin ,below average face of features ,few are so fatty ,humpty dumpty few are soooo slim .
    2 in india you have option do arrange marriage not love marriage ,girls prefer love marriage also but after fucking by many bf she do arrange marriage .
    3 for brothers and parents there daughters are virgin .totally fake .
    4 indian girls have very bad figure and height .normal height of indian girl is 5″1 to 5″2,and average height is 5″4.if you compare to canada and usa this is very short height.
    5 these girls has done before sex but donot know how to do oral sex how to shake booty what to wear or what to say or how to scream to errect a boy not talking about exceptional girls , talking about 98 percent girls.
    6 village girls or small town girls donot clean there arms hairs or legs hairs or pubic hairs .very black pussy with no interest in sex .
    7 everyone is greedy in india to do arrange marriage you must be a diplomatic or lier or very good handsome earner if you want to fuck a beautiful wife for you .proof go and find a girl on matrimonial site of Indians
    8 for indian girls if they have boyfriends then ok they would talk and weep about there x boyfriends , but if boy do same thing then girl use this boy is not good boy and leave that boy.
    9 the biggest thing if a girl has 2 or 4 relationships in past she will not tell you but foreigners girls developed country will tell you straight forward . the badest thing is this few indian girls has incest relationships.
    note :-i am 31 years old and i have talked with many girls and in a very strong relationship with every type of girl. so what i have said above this is based on my experience .few will agree few will not.i donot care what you think .bye.

  • Pravallika

    I have small doubt in girls have married even number years like 22 can married or not

    • Pravallika

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  • ketan

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    many women still doesn’t like to go out and earn, but spending most of her time in the bed. she wakes up late and take nap in the afternoon too, and demanding servant for household work.
    last but not least most of them are boring they doesn’t like sex and narrow minded, she cant accept female friend of her husband. she very well knows how to spoil her husband’s mood in a happy situation.

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  • Anonymous

    1. She is not beautiful
    2. She is fat and chubby
    3. She has too much of mood swings
    4. Sex is never on her mind
    5. She smells weird
    6. She is too demanding
    7. You will get sympathy from others if you marry Indian girl

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