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The Lime Diaries: Tales Of The Wanderer

The last decade has been all about how Indians have fallen in love with travelling. No wonder then 100% of Floh members love to hit the road. To keep the journey exciting Floh and Byond Travel bring to you an evening of sharing travel stories ranging from a road trip to the outskirts of your

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!

At 29, I was a strong, young and independent woman like many others working their way up the career ladder. This also meant that I had no time to think about the concept of ‘settling down’. Usually in an Indian family living in Malaysia like mine, the parents would be looking out for a suitable

Why Floh Works For Me

This is a blog post by Floh member Sapna. Learn more at (a network that connects singles in real life) Moving back to India after 7 years abroad and not knowing too many people in Delhi, I was looking to make meaningful connections as much as I was a life partner. A random search

Rev Up Your Online Persona!

We surveyed fellow Floh Members to gain an insight into what matters to them in an online profile. Although many of the below points should be obvious, they are key, and therefore worth repeating. Your Photograph: First Impressions Matter Let’s face it – we all want to feel attracted to our partners, and in the

The Dating Game

The dating game is tricky because the rules vary from person to person. These differences are compounded in India where attitudes of appropriate behaviour range from arranged marriage to casual sex. We’re also raised amidst a wide array of cultures, which makes life even more complicated. Unfortunately, not only do we all have different rules,