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#MondayMotivation: Humans at Floh

Move over Monday blues, Floh is here with #MondayMotivation. We might be ‘getting with the times’ and sending emojis as replies on texts, but it’s always heartwarming to receive a letter written with love, even if it’s electronic. As we always say, Floh is what it is thanks to the humans who make up this

The Lime Diaries: Tales Of The Wanderer

The last decade has been all about how Indians have fallen in love with travelling. No wonder then 100% of Floh members love to hit the road. To keep the journey exciting Floh and Byond Travel bring to you an evening of sharing travel stories ranging from a road trip to the outskirts of your

Why Floh Works For Me

This is a blog post by Floh member Sapna. Learn more at (a network that connects singles in real life) Moving back to India after 7 years abroad and not knowing too many people in Delhi, I was looking to make meaningful connections as much as I was a life partner. A random search

Delhi, Let’s Talk About Love!

Attendees of ‘Delhi, Let’s Talk About Love!’ (For more pictures, click here) For the next decade the youth of India will find it very hard to get into and be in relationships. The gender roles overlap like never before and it has been left upon this generation to really figure things out. And that too

Capturing Floh: The Singles Club With A Difference!

This is a blog post by Floh member, Pulkesin. Learn more at (a network that connects singles in real life) My introduction to Floh was quite out-of-the-blue. My best friend was getting married and I, as a professional photographer, was in charge of capturing his candid ‘getting-ready’ moments. My sister walked into the room