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The Art of Being Genuine

While waiting for my husband at a restaurant, I couldn’t help but overhear and observe a group of people sitting next to me. They were two families visiting Bangalore. One from Coorg and the other from the United States. It was clear from their conversation that the families were meeting for the first time, perhaps

Office Romance Etiquette

This post by Floh co-founder Simran Mangharam first appeared in Deccan Herald. We spend quite a large part of our time at work. Indians clock 8.1 hours (486 minutes) on an average, according to a survey by the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development, an international grouping of the world’s top developed nations. Attraction at

Loving Her, Loving Yourself

This post was written by a Floh member that wishes to remain anonymous. There’s much written about the happily-ever-afters, but maybe they are no longer the reality of our times. Our times are of the not-so-happily-never-afters. The never ending distracted chats, the bad dates and the odd stereotypical questions over and over again. However, a

#WednesdayWoes: What Women Want & What They Don’t

Do we women really know what we want from the men we’re dating? If you’ve ever made a list or played out both sides of an argument in your head, you will know that knowing what you don’t want helps you arrive at what you do. Somebody who’s single is often asked, “what are you

Learning to KEEP CALM

This is a post by Floh member Dhruvi Shah sharing her journey on learning to keep calm. Noise. A barrage of sounds. Anxiety. Stress. Suffocation. Simply reading the above words rattles me and worries me on the inside. It’s like being in direct earshot of a heavy metal band and not being able to breathe.

Is it okay to say those three words?

This is a post by Floh member Dhruvi Shah. Surely, you’ve been in “love” some time. And you remember the anxiety, nervous energy, weight of saying the three words, “I love you” to someone you really do. That moment, when you finally put it out there in those exact three words will stay with you,