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Delhi, Let’s Talk About Love!

Attendees of ‘Delhi, Let’s Talk About Love!’ (For more pictures, click here) For the next decade the youth of India will find it very hard to get into and be in relationships. The gender roles overlap like never before and it has been left upon this generation to really figure things out. And that too

Capturing Floh: The Singles Club With A Difference!

This is a blog post by Floh member, Pulkesin. Learn more at www.floh.in (a network that connects singles in real life) My introduction to Floh was quite out-of-the-blue. My best friend was getting married and I, as a professional photographer, was in charge of capturing his candid ‘getting-ready’ moments. My sister walked into the room

Companies (and People) That Have Inspired Floh

Floh was founded on the belief that world-class organizations can be built in India. We’ve always held ourselves to the highest standards of customer delight and over the years, this has become our key differentiator. We’ve come across a few organizations that have been hugely inspirational. Some of these organizations are Indian and some are

Floh In Conversation With Hrishi K from Radio One, 94.3 FM

This post is by Siddharth Mangharam, CEO of Floh (www.floh.in) a network that connects singles in real life. A couple of weeks ago, Simran and I had a delightful conversation with well-known RJ, Hrishi K of Radio One, 94.3 FM. He asks us several candid questions like, “How do you keep out psychos?” and “How

Meet The Floh Team

Here’s a sneak peek of the Floh team video that’s about to go up on our site. Did you know that our team is spread across 6 cities, 2 continents and is 75% female? In addition to the folks in this video, here’s a shout out to Smita, Mona, Maya, Aarti, Priya, and Jayasree! After

Love is hard. Love is painful. Love is beautiful.

This is a post by Sidman – CEO & Founder, Floh For Valentine’s Day, I was interviewed by Yahoo and was asked about what I thought about love. Here’s my response:  “Look, personally, I think, romantic love is a surrender which you go into without expectation of any concrete return or outcome. If you can do it,