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#WednesdayWoes – Matrimonial Ads And Their Otherworldly Demands

Turns out that 99.99% percent scores aren’t only required for admissions to top colleges in India. If you look at the matrimonial section of any newspaper you will see a similar trend amongst the requirements posted. Men (or well, their families) are looking for a gorgeous, intelligent, well-educated-but-chooses-to-stay-at-home-and-look-after-the-kids type of wife. Whereas the women? They

#WednesdayWoes – The ‘L’ Word by Mira

Dear Members of the Dating Community, I’d like to talk about the ‘L’ word today. Yes, the dreaded, feared, yet coveted and elusive word – “love.” In our 21st century dating lives, much of our initial communication is over text and social media, and thus, there are a few scenarios that commonly arise that spell

#WednesdayWoes: What Women Want & What They Don’t

Do we women really know what we want from the men we’re dating? If you’ve ever made a list or played out both sides of an argument in your head, you will know that knowing what you don’t want helps you arrive at what you do. Somebody who’s single is often asked, “what are you

Love versus Compatibility. Let’s Talk About It.

We’re kicking off a weekly series hashtagged #WednesdayWoes where we discuss issues that crop up for singles while dating, in relationships or simply in life. This blog has been written by Floh member Dhruvi Shah. As a single girl who also happens to be a Floh member, I end up talking with others quite a