Floh's response to the Coronavirus

Dear Floh Members,

Each one of us has been affected by Coronavirus, perhaps in different ways, but affected for sure. First things first. We’re strong advocates of social distancing and believe that it is key to #FlattenTheCurve. In doing our bit to ensure safety of our members, employees and partners, we’ve suspended physical events until further directions from healthcare authorities and the government. Every Floh employee has been and will continue WFH.

However, isolation also goes against our natural instinct for togetherness. Especially in times of crisis and tragedy, we seek the company of loved ones. From Floh’s perspective, we share the same anxieties as you, and understand that the need to connect with others is critical.

There is an old saying that you should "never let a good crisis go to waste". We also see this time as a beautiful opportunity for each of us in the Floh community to be there for each other. For many of us, just knowing that there are many others who are affected like us provides some comfort. It's an opportunity for us to express the core of our humanity.

For Floh members, we have created the Floh Common Room on the Floh App – a space where each of us can help one another by sharing our experiences. It's a space that each of us can come to and know for sure that we're not alone during this exceptional crisis. This is an opportunity to make our connections deeper and more meaningful.

Every day, Floh will initiate interactive activities in this community - for example, an Ask Me Anything (AMA) with SIMBA (the mysterious Single Indian Male who blogs for Floh) or live interactions with Siddharth and Simran, the founders of Floh, on what it takes to be Relationship Ready. We’ll be sharing our WFH experiences, share our cooking hacks, conduct yoga sessions and even have a Saturday night dance party with Floh member Lourd Vijay (via Zoom, of course!) for everyone. Think of these as virtual events with a group of wonderful people. After all, at Floh you are never alone.

The coming weeks are going to be tough for every human on Earth. But we will overcome this and emerge stronger and wiser. Until then, wash your hands regularly, observe social distancing, and look out for Floh’s (virtual) events on our app or on www.floh.in!

Stay Safe,
On behalf of the Floh Family,
Email: team[at]floh.in

Siddharth Mangharam
Founder & CEO, www.floh.in