Floh is a member-only community for singles connecting you with them in the real world and online. As a member of Floh, you get access to exclusive events we host in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Our communities and events help drive conversations and build meaningful relationships.

You can become a part of Floh’s exclusive community in three easy steps:

1) Register and get verified by our screening team
2) Select a membership plan and signup for it
3) Get invited to members-only events and start mingling.

Yes, you have the option to bring along a friend to join us for an event. They need to have completed their verification with Floh. Please email team at floh dot in for more details.

Yes, a member can attend events in any city. Most of our members travel extensively and their membership gives them access to events and members in any city that we host events in.

As a Floh member, you can attend events in any city that we host in. Travel and meet members in other cities too. :)

Floh for Singles members are eligible men and women, well educated and professionally accomplished.
At Floh you have a set of people whose company you trust and enjoy, leading you to experiences that would not otherwise have happened.

Floh is much more than just a matrimonial or a dating website – it’s a “Singles Community”. We facilitate conversations between screened members via exciting and fun events and let things take a turn via that.

- Floh is the only real-life community for singles in India.
- Everybody at Floh has paid a membership fee to join. This unequivocally establishes the fact that they value their time and their intent to meet like minded people.
- Every Floh members has been though the rigorous screening process which makes sure the quality of people you meet is supreme.

Our pricing plans are available here

Membership is solely at the discretion of Floh. Floh is strictly a singles community and you must be legally single to apply for membership. We have a zero tolerance policy towards unacceptable behavior or misinformation and rights of admission are reserved. You can read the full Terms of Use here and our Privacy policy here .

Floh charges a membership fee and each event is charged separately. Event pricing varies, depending on the nature of the event. Payments made are non-refundable. Since we make a commitment on your behalf, all sales are final and no refunds will be possible.

EMIs (equated monthly installments) are a way for you to pay for your Floh Membership using monthly payments through your credit card.

We support Credit Cards issued by ICICI Bank, Citibank and Axis Bank.

Your tenure options are the same as your membership plan’s tenure or lesser. For example, if you select a 6 month, plan, you will be able to avail a 3 or a 6 month tenure.

No, Floh does not have any monthly plans. Using the EMI plan means that you take financing from your credit card to pay upfront, and then the credit card allows you to repay that amount in equated monthly installments based on the interest rate offered.

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