Floh is the most exclusive singles community on the planet. We believe, outside our homes and outside our screens, it’s a wonderful world. A world full of joy and discovery – a world you have always wanted to dive into, but kept putting off for tomorrow. Floh, is your gateway to that world. Welcome to a world of curated events, new people and new experiences!

The first step is to visit www.floh.in and click on Join Floh. Once you fill up a short form, we will call you to get to know you better. Floh screens every person before extending an invitation to join the network. After you receive an invitation to join Floh, you need to select a membership plan, make a payment, and then you’re ready to use Floh.

We create opportunities for our members to meet at interactive events, which naturally eases off any pressure that an individual experiences when meeting one on one. Many of our members have met their partners while sailing, at a photography walk, during a BBQ cookout, at a book discussion, during a salsa dance experience and even at a quiz night!

Floh works both, online, and offline. What makes Floh unique is that we host over 300 exquisite events a year where you can meet like-minded people.

Floh Events
Floh events are unique, highly interactive and are exceptionally well executed. To ensure that you have a meaningful interaction with other members, there are never more than 30 members at any event and the gender ratio is balanced.

We’ve hosted sailing experiences, cookouts with Chef Manu Chandra of Olive and Chef Viraf Patel of Café Zoe, Vintage Car Rallies, Heritage & Photography walks, Urban Challenges with Uber, foosball competitions, Dance Sessions with World Record holder, Lourd Vijay, Grape Stomping, Single Malt Appreciation and a whole lot more. The focus of our events is to ensure that our members are able to connect with each other in a natural and effortless way. For more details please visit our events page.

Floh provides an online platform where you can connect with other members. You can message and bookmark other members online. There are also over a dozen communities, including fitness, travel, music and food, where you can interact with people who share your passions.

Floh has hosted over 850 events. Floh was founded in 2011 and over 1000 Floh members have found their partners at Floh.

We’re so confident of our service, that we guarantee you will meet a minimum of 50 eligible singles at Floh. We’re talking about meeting these people in real life, and not just browsing through profiles.

Floh members are the most eligible singles on the planet! They are urban professionals who have graduated from top universities in India and across the world. They are busy professionals looking to meet and connect with like-minded people. And, they are grounded and genuine and have been hand-picked to join the network. Since every Floh member is screened, the one aspect that we always look for is politeness, which is something that we believe is timeless. It is a trait possessed by all of our members, ensuring a fantastic experience for everyone on the platform.

The network has a great mix of professions and includes lawyers, entrepreneurs, consultants, bankers, doctors, architects, journalists, designers, pilots, educators, non-profit professionals, and even a TED Fellow and two Guinness World Record Holders!

Floh is much more than a dating app or service. Since it is a community for singles, of course, people will meet, date, and get married. As a matter of fact, we’ve had over 450 couples (that’s 900 individuals) meet at Floh and then get married (Check out how Shruti met Manu.). This is with a relatively tight number of 5,000 members. In other words, almost one in 5 Floh members gets married to another Floh member, which is a staggering statistic! The interesting thing is that we’ve also seen thousands of smaller groups of members form and make plans to travel together, to startup together, to use Floh to bounce business ideas off and to recruit. In summary, our members have used Floh to date/find a partner, as well as to form a real-world social support system for each other. This truly makes Floh a community. Read what Raghav Somani, a Floh member, has to say about his experience at Floh.

Floh is the only real-life community for singles in India.
Floh is also the only service in the country that guarantees meetings in a fun, no-pressure environment as we are 100% sure of our verification process.
The message response ratio at Floh is whopping 78%, compared to low single digit percentages across the world.
Everybody at Floh has paid a membership fee to join. This unequivocally establishes the fact that they value their time and their intent to meet like minded people.
40% of Floh members have been referred to Floh by their siblings or parents.
And last but not the least, at Floh we have handpicked the best single folks in the country.

Our pricing plans are available here

Membership is solely at the discretion of Floh. We have a zero tolerance policy towards unacceptable behavior and rights of admission are reserved. You can read the full Terms of Use here and our Privacy policy here .

Floh charges a membership fee and each event is charged separately. Event pricing varies, depending on the nature of the event. Payments made are non-refundable. Since we make a commitment on your behalf, all sales are final and no refunds will be possible.

EMIs (equated monthly installments) are a way for you to pay for your Floh Membership using monthly payments through your credit card. 1

We support Credit Cards issued by ICICI Bank, Citibank and Axis Bank.

Your tenure options are the same as your membership plan’s tenure or lesser. For example, if you select a 6 month, plan, you will be able to avail a 3 or a 6 month tenure.

No, Floh does not have any monthly plans. Using the EMI plan means that you take financing from your credit card to pay upfront, and then the credit card allows you to repay that amount in equated monthly installments based on the interest rate offered.

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