How   Shruti & Manu met

“Not only did we find each other, even the journey was just so much fun! Thank you so much Floh!” - Shruti

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Testimonial vinithaVinithaFinance Professional, Mumbai
“I'm superkicked to tell you guys that thanks to Floh, I've now found my very own Soulmate-Bestie-Partner-in-Crime!”
Testimonial sumit 3SumitMedia professional, Mumbai
“The bad news first: I need to cancel my Floh membership. The good news: Because I'm getting married! The great news: To someone I met through Floh :) We met at the Floh event in Mumbai on the 6th of July. It was her first event and my third.”
Testimonial lakshmi
“Floh to me is this fantastic community where you can meet other interesting singles.”Lakshmi RebeccaChat show host, anchor & model, Bangalore
Testimonial meghaMeghaDocumentary Film Maker, Delhi
“Floh played a great role in me finding my husband-to-be. It helped me get rid of my own inhibitions about meeting new people. Thanks a ton for providing this platform!”
Testimonial sandeepSandeepEntrepreneur, Bangalore
“Mridula and I have great news to share. We've been seeing each other for about five months now and I decided to pop the question a couple of weeks ago. We're looking at mid-June for the big day. We met for the first time at the photography event at Bricklane Grill and our interest in travel brought us together.”
Testimonial mridula
“Floh is about exquisite experiences and the opportunity to meet very interesting people. I loved my time at Floh!”
MridulaHR professional, Bangalore
Testimonial jidesh
“Floh is amazing because you can meet like-minded singles in a no-pressure environment.”
JideshStrategy marketing leader, Bangalore

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